Humanitarian Trips To Take In India In 2024

Common humanity is what holds the world together. In the times of rapid globalization when distances are reducing but income inequalities are rising, it is important to inculcate the spirit of ‘Global Citizenship’ and make an effort to make a positive difference in the world.

Volunteering for a good cause and for the larger good the humanity is what encompasses taking a Humanitarian trip. Volunteering India offers some deeply impactful, engaging and responsible volunteering projects that are ideal to participate in to take up a Humanitarian Trip abroad. Take a look:

Volunteer For A Teaching Project In India

volunteer work India

Over the course of a year, VolSol volunteers enthusiastically participate in the teaching projects in India. Available in both the Himalayan town of Palampur in a local school, volunteers work in the aforementioned project and also contribute to teaching children in the projects that involve working with kids.

“The teachers and kids at the school were so welcoming and grateful. Our role involved helping the younger kids learn the English alphabet, numbers and a few basic words and then spoken conversation and help with maths and English homework for the older kids.” – Megan Hurd, England

As mentioned, the work in the project involved working with local teachers with the objective of promoting greater literacy, supporting opportunities for higher education, building vocational skills and enhancing career prospects among students. The influence that international teaching volunteers have on the communities goes beyond the classroom. Crossing boundaries to work side-by-side with students and teachers from different cultures foster a two-way exchange, building cross-cultural understanding and global awareness.

Support A Special Needs Program In The Himalayas, India

Volunteer for the Mentally Disabled Program In Palampur, India and do your bit for the mentally challenged children of the area. A truly rewarding and engaging project, volunteers in this project work at three different centers – Skill Development Center, Special Education Center, and an Autism center. While the Skill Development Center, as the name suggests, aims at honing employable skills, the other two are more specialized and volunteers with experience in the said area are highly recommended to join the centers. Speech Therapy, occupational therapy and working with Autistic kids are the main components of the program.

Lending A Helping Hand To A Women’s Empowerment Project In India

women empowerment program in Delhi India

Empower women through income-generating projects, education and skills training. You’ll work closely with centers which support women affected by HIV/AIDS. At many of the centers, women are able to learn sewing, tailoring, candle-making, and jewelry-making through subsidized courses. The women also have access to finance and small business management courses, enabling them to start their own craft-making or tailoring businesses to generate an income and provide for their families.

Take A Medical Humanitarian Trip

Dental elective internship in Palampur India


The volunteering opportunity is for medical professionals who want to make a difference. Also suited for budding interns, participants of this program are provided placements in two different cities – one is in Delhi, a metropolitan city that is also the capital of India and the second is Palampur, a small town in the mountain state of India – Himachal Pradesh. Interns get to observe the workings of the health sector in India and also shadow the doctors in everyday procedures. Experienced students and professionals can help set up examination camps and assist the doctors in the treatment of the patients.

Do Something For The Wildlife In India

For people who ache to do something for the animals, this volunteering opportunity in Agra is ideal for you. Placed in the outskirts of Agra, this project gives an opportunity to work for rescue elephants. Assisting the local caretakers of Elephants or “mahouts”, volunteers help in making elephant feed, make their vitamins, take care of elderly elephants and also work in gardening, planting trees, doing some basic construction work amongst others.

Reach Out To The Street Kids In Delhi, India

volunteering in India

The problem of unattended street children is widespread in India. According to the United Nation, back in 1994, there were about 314,700 street children in cities like Bombay, Calcutta, Madras, Kanpur, Bangalore and Hyderabad and around 100,000 street children in Delhi. Close to 25 years down the line, due to widespread urbanization and underlying chronic poverty levels, the numbers have been growing despite the efforts undertaken by state and civil society. Volunteering India offers an opportunity to work for street children in India in one of the projects located in the capital city of Delhi.

The work at the project includes teaching the kids, designing fun games for the kids and assisting the local care-taking teams at the center.

The Humanitarian journey that you embark upon with Volunteering India lets you meet all kinds of people from across the globe, push your limits to do something better, acclimatize yourself into a new culture and most importantly, fulfill your dream to travel whilst you make a positive contribution.

So what are you thinking about? Go ahead and book your trip with Volunteering India. Drop us a mail at [email protected]

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