7 Reasons Why You Should Volunteer In India

India, known to be one of the gorgeous countries of the world, will be celebrating its 71st Independence Day on August 15, 2017. After being ruled for nearly 200 years by the European colonial masters, the light of freedom finally dawned over the country.

In the last 71 years, India has evolved socially, economically, politically and in many other ways. The effects of globalization and liberalization have brought about several changes, exposing the countrymen to various things of the larger world. In spite of rapid growth and development, certain sections of people still lack the basic necessities of daily life, even in this 21st Century.

Volunteering India, being an India-based organization, understands the problems that still exist in the country, and by collaborating with other local organizations, aims to achieve a certain level of sustainable development. In the process, the contribution made by the volunteers is incomparable. If you are one of those who wish to be a part of the change in a developing society, then come and join us in this endeavor.

Let’s take a quick look at the reasons why you should choose to volunteer in India.

To improve the lives of the underprivileged

volunteer with kids in India

India, undoubtedly, has made immense progress in improving the standard of living, developing advanced healthcare facilities, implementing laws related to free education for all kids till the age of 14 years etc. However, there was a shocking number of approximately 276 million people surviving below the poverty line, as per the data collected in 2012. This section of underprivileged people don’t get 2 square meals a day; the kids barely attend the schools; they live in areas that have poor sanitary conditions and are often devoid of any medical facilities.

If you wish to add a little happiness to the lives of these people, then you should definitely think about taking a volunteering trip to India. Being a volunteer, you can either teach the kids in slum schools or spend time taking care of them, the way they deserve. You can also be a part of the women empowerment projects to help them learn basic English and Computer Skills as well as provide vocational training so that they can earn their livelihood.

Stay at a Rajasthani village and volunteer for elephants

volunteer with elephants in India

Indian elephants are absolutely adorable and there can be nothing more exciting than spending time with these gentle giants. If you love being with animals, then the elephant volunteering project would be apt for you. You’ll get to experience the taste of rural India – how people still live in the interiors where life still moves at a slower pace, where people are extremely simple and love the animals as their family members. The elephants are usually looked after by the mahouts – and being with the mahout community will expose you to a lot of interesting facts about the elephants. Sink in the rural lifestyle and enjoy the richness that it has to offer.

A volunteering journey to India can be extremely budget friendly

volunteer in India in budget

Of course, if you are a student or a gap year traveler with a dream of exploring the world, then you must plan according to your budget. India is one of the most affordable destinations, where you can easily live for a month without spending much. The fee that you’ll pay to volunteer will cover your accommodation and food (for the weekdays). You’ll just have to pay for your daily transport which won’t be more than $ 2/ day. You can make good use of the weekends by exploring the nearby destinations at very cheap price. A volunteering trip is surely the most cost effective way to explore India while contributing meaningfully towards the developing society.

A chance to explore the country’s culture, heritage, and architecture

volunteer travel in India

India has witnessed one of the ancient civilizations of the world, the Indus Valley civilization. As time passed, the country was ruled by the Hindu kings, followed by the Sultans and the Mughals, and later by the British, before the country finally became independent. Thus, there’s rich past that’s connected to India. While volunteering in Delhi or Palampur, you’ll get ample opportunities to visit the historical monuments built over time and the museums that have beautifully preserved the relics.

You’ll soon find the difference between the architecture of varying periods. The Mughal architecture is highly different from that of the Gothic style which was introduced by the Europeans, similarly, the Rajput architecture has a different style. Spend time with the locals and understand the diversity in Indian culture. While tourists miss out a lot of things, being a volunteer would definitely be an advantage for you.

Experience the thrill of exploring the Himalayas

volunteer in Palampur

The highest mountain range of the world, the Himalayas, are surely worth visiting at least for once in a lifetime. The pristine beauty of the landscape, the clouds kissing the snow capped peaks, the gusty rivers rushing down with a soothing music, the chills of the wind and the entire aura of the Himalayan villages will never fail to give you a taste of heaven.

If you choose to volunteer in Palampur, you’ll be staying at a house that’ll give you a perfect view of the Himalayan valley. Go for the weekend treks to Triund or Bir and find yourself lost in the wilderness. You can also try out adventure sports like Paragliding, River Rafting, Cliff Jumping etc. Meet the Tibetan folks living in the Dharamshala/ Mcleodganj region and know how they have become an intrinsic part of the Indian society.

Savor the taste of Indian cuisine

food in Delhi

The best part of a volunteering journey is that you get to stay with the locals and live like them. So, inevitably, you’ll get a share of their meal as well. At the accommodation, you’ll be served Indian food like parathas, dal, sabzi (vegetables) etc. You can try the wide range of street food that’s beyond delicious. Indian cuisine is famous all over the world for the unique blend of spices, and you really need to make your taste-buds strong to try the dash of chillis that are often added to certain dishes! Every region in India has some special dish and you can never get tired of trying new things.

Meet people from different parts of the world

volunteer work india

While volunteering with us, you will get to meet like-minded people from across the world. This is your chance to widen your social network and learn new skills from your peers. You’ll get to know about their culture, lifestyle and more about their country. You can also share your ideas with them while working on a project. It’s going to be a unique learning journey for you – in an environment that’s very unlike your classroom.

You’ll get to know the true meaning of life and who knows, this might be the turning point of your life. These people will be the best travel mates and you’ll return home as a more matured person.

Traveling to India needs no reasons – but still, if you have been in doubts, then we hope that now, it’ll be an easier decision-making process for you.

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