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Volunteer in Palampur - Dharamsala

Volunteering India offers volunteer project and internship placements in the beautiful picturesque town of Palampur, located in the foothills of Himalayan Mountains.
Palampur is also known as the tea capital of north India and famous for the magnificent views of the snow-capped Himalayan mountain range as well as its lush green landscape.
The town is also close to Dharamsala, which is the base of Tibetan Government in Exile and home of Dalai Lama. The area is bustling with international travelers and many Buddhist devotees from around the world. This is a very popular destination for a half day or weekend getaway for the volunteers and interns working in different projects in Palampur.
Volunteering India operates its Palampur programs from the different rural and suburban communities just outside the main Palampur town. All the projects where our volunteers and interns work are a short distance from the main town.
The Childcare and Teaching project volunteers work in schools and day care centres located in rural communities in suburban Palampur area. Residents of most of these areas represent different backgrounds and majorly comprise of population from lower income groups where the standard of education is quite poor and a lot needs to be done.
The Medical and Dental Internship Project Interns majorly work in hospital as well as clinical placements in the area. The project is available for Medical, Nursing and Dental students who are looking to gain valuable international exposure by doing an international internship. While doing an international medical or dental elective internship in India is a great addition to the CV of the students, it also helps them gain valuable experience and learn about the differences in the medical system between different countries.
Volunteers also get an opportunity to help in a school for Mentally Challenged and Disabled Children. Volunteers working in this project get an opportunity to work in a centre providing education, care and learning opportunities to the mentally challenged children. The project is located in a stunning location and volunteer support is very essential for the day to day running of the center.

  • Dental Elective Internship Program in Palampur

    Dental Elective Internship Program in Palampur

    Volunteering India offers a unique opportunity for dental students to take part in dental internship placement in Palampur/ Dharamsala and gain valuable experience by working along with professional dentists. The project is available for Dental.......

  • Volunteer in a School for Mentally Challenged and Disabled Children

    Volunteer in a School for Mentally Challenged and Disabled Children

    Volunteers in this program work in a special school for Mentally challenged and disabled children. Our volunteers play a significant role by providing the children with the much needed attention, love and care. Volunteer responsibilities include.......

  • Childcare Volunteer Program Palampur

    Childcare Volunteer Program Palampur

    Volunteers working in the childcare project mainly care for infants and toddlers in the different day care centres located in and around the town of Palampur. Being primarily a semi-rural area, the centres are short of qualified caregivers. Our.......

  • Medical and Healthcare Internship in Palampur - India

    Medical and Healthcare Internship in Palampur - India

    Medical and Healthcare Internship is open to join for all medical students from abroad in India. The program is available all year round and gives interns an excellent opportunity to experience Healthcare practices in India.....

  • Mini Break Program - Palampur  2017

    Mini Break Program - Palampur 2017

    Volunteering India offers an exciting opportunity to do a 2 week volunteer trip along with weekend excursions for the volunteers. Mini Break Program is a combination of volunteer program and weekend excursions to Dharamshala and the world famous.......

  • Volunteer Teaching Program

    Volunteer Teaching Program

    Volunteers working in the Teaching Program get a great opportunity to share their knowledge with others and experience a new culture from within. You’ll have a lot of fun and gain valuable skills while your students practice their skills with.......

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