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Why Pay to Volunteer ?

The most common question that volunteers ask us is ‘Why do I need to pay, to volunteer? 

As a genuine and reliable volunteer program in India since 2004, like any other organization we too have daily expenditures in placing and accommodating the volunteers in our programs in India. The fee is used for the placement, administration and upkeep of the projects in India. We have tried to show in the graph below, where the money is used by Volunteering India.

Food/Accommodation and Service to Volunteers Costs Include

  • Airport Pickup by our staff in Delhi/ Bangalore or Dharamshala
  • Food 2 to 3 meals per day for all volunteers
  • Orientation to volunteers
  • First day transport to project
  • Local area Visit
  • Timely visit by our staff at the project site

Placement Costs Include

  • Locate suitable placement for volunteer
  • Donation to project from the program fee

Project Development Costs Include

Apart from regular donation to project from the volunteer’s program fee, Volunteering India also works to provide regular maintenance to its projects in India. This includes timely visits to projects to access their need and provide assistance where needed. This also includes things like, painting of schools, donation of books, clothes and computer equipment.
We also undertake work to build local schools, playgrounds like – volleyball court etc in certain schools and projects we work with.

Administration Costs Include

These are the costs without which running this program would not be possible for our volunteers. These include daily office expenses, travel, maintenance etc. as below: -
  • Staff salaries
  • Paypal Fees
  • Communications – Telephone, Email, Postage etc.
  • Bank Charges
  • Office Equipment and Supplies
  • Legal consultation
  • Rent for offices
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Local Government Taxes
  • Vehicles and maintenance
  • Website Development
  • Online Advertising

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