Volunteering India is an organization that provides impactful, engaging and affordable volunteering programs in India. The mission of the organization is to mutually benefit international volunteers and the local communities in India, through aligning volunteers’ skills and communities’ needs. 

Volunteering placements and internship opportunities are offered in the fields of Primary Education, Childcare and Caregiving, Medical, Dentistry, Special Need Education as well as Women Empowerment and Education.

In a quest to offer a culturally engaging and rooted living experience to all participants, several trips mapping the heritage sites of the country are offered that carefully blend volunteer work and traveling around the country thereby encouraging responsible travel. 

Volunteering India is not affiliated to any Government or religious body and are a privately owned social enterprise based out of the National Capital Region (NCR), India. 

Since 2004, Volunteering India has hosted volunteers and interns from more than 30 different countries and have given them an opportunity to do international volunteer work and internships and also expose them to the local culture.

An essential component of the organization is that all staff coordinators of the respective placements are the locals of the said area and are thus able to successfully facilitate meaningful volunteering and internship experiences. The local knowledge and expertise go a long way in achieving the goal. Locally owned operations and management also lead to significantly lower costs when compared with other international volunteering organizations. 

We strive hard to provide a fulfilling experience to all our participants at reasonable costs and also empower local communities by pumping money into the local economy, utilizing local skills as well and providing help via volunteers wherever needed.