‘Tis the Season of Giving, So Give Back to India as a Volunteer

Have you always had an urge of being in the employment of Mr. Claus? Well, consider yourself employed as Santa’s little elf this year! No need to go all the way up to the North Pole and freeze into a popsicle, you can do his good work from the tropical travel paradise of India as a community volunteer. With the start of December, the faint sounds of sleigh bells are getting louder by the minute and the rhythms of Fa la la la la are putting us all in the Christmas mood. And seeing how ‘Giving’ is one of the biggest things about this holiday, how about making this Christmas all about others! On the down low, Indian X-mas celebrations are also truly exotic and there are lots for you to keep your fun meter topped off while making a difference.

Here’s how you can have a #GiveBackChristmas in India this year-

Street Children program, Delhi


From the streets of The cosmopolitan Capital city, Delhi to the town of Palampur tucked away in the lap of the Himalayas, one of the worst social scenarios still prevalent in India are street-dwellers, a humongous number among which are orphaned children! Working hard with our band of do-gooders and our partner organizations we have been trying to bring a positive impact on the lives of these kids. And this Christmas we wanna make them believe in miracles and give them a true sense of Christmas. That said, who better than you lot to make this Holiday extra special for these little ones.

Deck the halls, decorate an X-mas tree with them, make an exciting activity out of Christmas cake baking and what not. When you’re done bringing unadulterated joy to these kids head out to the streets of Delhi cause the city truly lights up during the holiday season. Explore the grounds of Connaught Place and Hauz Khas, the center of X-Mas festivals or enjoy winter carnivals at Dilli Haat. And if you’re into exploring places that are not just a stone’s throw away, how about a trip to Kolkata the Indian City known for its legendary Christmas celebrations!

Childcare Program, Palampur


Do you count yourself amongst the people who just can’t resist pinching baby cheeks? Then you are truly going to have a gala time working with the toddlers in our Palampur program. 2 weeks of undiluted fun with these little bundle of joys and lifetime worth of memories, seems like Christmas 2017 is going to be all about things done differently for you people! Share your love and care with these kids and bring the light of Christmas joy to them, most of whom probably hadn’t even heard about this holiday, let alone celebrate it! Make this year special for them!

Well, since you have already ventured out to the hills of Himalayas, why not take it deeper into the mountains and witness the amazing holiday celebrations in the Hill stations of Shimla, Lansdowne, Manali in the lofty snow!

Volunteer with Elephants, Jaipur


And you thought there wouldn’t be anything for all you eager lot of animal lovers! This program is what we call the best of both worlds made up with an equal dose of travel, fun, and volunteering in India. You get busy volunteering with these gentle giants and leave your travel planning for Christmas to us, for we are taking you through the Golden Triangle of India! Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, that too all in one go- that’s what we call big things in small packages! Working in an elephant village as a volunteer in India is certainly a bucket list experience and we intend on striking that off your list this Christmas.

Spend your days caring for these awesome creatures- feeding them, bathing them and score some amazing pictures for your Instagram along the way! After all, you gotta show the world how unique your Christmas is this year! Explore the historical city Agra next and tick a Wonder of the World off your list- The Taj Mahal! What could be better than an Indian Adventure this Holiday season?

Women Empowerment Program, Delhi


Coming down to India you’d find a stark difference between the urban and the rural women. No, we are not just talking about their clothing but the serious lack of personal and professional development in the lives of these rural women. Wise men (and women) had said Feminism knows no gender, so this women empowerment program would be perfect you boys, girls, men and women to earn the badge of a change maker this Christmas. Peep into an entirely different world with these women and help them take a look into a brighter future by sharing your knowledge, skills, and wisdom with them.

Tis the season to be jolly and you can bring a chunk of this Holiday joy into the lives of these women as well this year. Pass on your Christmas traditions to them or simply get busy doing it together, a Christmas in India could very well be about new traditions and rituals for you! Set in the heart of the Capital city, you will have much to explore and see how Christmas is celebrated in India!
There are lots to see and do in India, especially when it’s all decked up in the holiday season! And if you want to experience the best of Christmas in India, then these would be the perfect options to celebrate an awesome Christmas while volunteering in India!

Time’s-a-runnin out! Wait no more, get yourself places today and make Christmas miracles happen as Santa’s elf!

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