Top Reasons To Volunteer In Palampur This Summer

About 35 km from the Tibetan hub of Dharamshala, lies this quaint hill town of Palampur, at the foothills of the Dhauladhar range. Surrounded by pine and deodar forests as well as tea gardens encircling the town with numerous rivulets pouring in, Palampur is known for the picturesque landscape and enchanting combination of the majestic Himalayas and lush greenery.

Known as the ‘Tea Capital of India’, this beautiful town in Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh, India, is still unexplored by many. Volunteering India is giving you an incredible opportunity to explore this little hamlet while contributing towards the development of this town.


Let’s find out why volunteering in Palampur this summer would be the best thing to do!


The climate would be absolutely perfect

yoga at palampur


Considering the fact that India is a tropical country, the summer months are quite hot in the plains. Therefore, choosing a place that’s located at an altitude of approximately 4,800 ft would make perfect sense. Being surrounded by the snowcapped Himalayan mountains, the weather in Palampur remains pleasant even during the peak summer months. The mornings and the nights would be rather cold and cozy.


The place is immensely peaceful


Away from the chaos and cacophony of the developed cities of India, Palampur has a fairly low population, making it an abode of peace and tranquility. There’s hardly any traffic congestion and honking, neither the hustle and bustle of the general city life. You’ll wake up to see the green fields and the snowcapped mountains, and breathe in freshness. Walk around the town and visit the market, sit and relax at the hillside cafes or stroll around the tea gardens – no matter what you do, the peaceful atmosphere of Palampur will definitely make you feel rejuvenated.


A variety of affordable projects to choose from

volunteer projects in palampur

Volunteering India has 4 incredible and affordable programs in Palampur – and you can be a part of any of these, depending on your interests and skills. If you are eager to spend some quality time with the children, then you can be a part of the Child Care Volunteering Program or the Teaching Program. You don’t need to be a professional to be a part of these projects – all you need is patience and perseverance. You have to shower the little ones with love and care and teach them through fun activities. For pre-med. medical and nursing students, there are Medical Internship and Dental Elective Programs as well – where one can work with professionals and know about the rural healthcare system in India.


An opportunity to trek the Himalayas

trekking at triund Dharamsala

Of course, if you are volunteering in Dharamsala, you just can’t miss the experience of trekking in the Himalayas. The most popular trek in this region is Triund, near Mcleodganj. Apart from Triund, there are several short hiking routes that you can explore along with your other fellow volunteers. Walk through the narrow trails and the climb up the steep slopes – you’ll surely get an amazing view of the entire Dhauladhar range. You can also travel to the nearby town of Bir and trek to Billing, which is one of the world famous paragliding sites!


Experience the thrill of paragliding

paragliding in bir, palampur

Tickle your adventurous cells and experience some adrenaline rush while gliding over the beautiful Himalayan valleys. Paragliding is very popular in Bir-Billing, and you just can’t miss it at any cost! The flight is usually for half-an-hour, from a height of 8000 ft to 4500 ft, and it’s going to be a thrilling ride.


Visit the Monasteries and get a taste of Tibetan Culture

Monestry in Palampur

The entire Dharamshala, Palampur and McLeodganj circuit has a huge Tibetan settlement with some beautiful monasteries like Tashi Jong Monastery, Sherabling Monastery, and Norbulingka Monastery. There’s also the Dalai Lama Monastery in McLeodganj, which is very popular. Take a tour of these and know more the Tibetan Buddhist culture. You can meet and interact with the monks who live here. You can also attend the daily prayers. Awaken your spiritual senses while volunteering in Palampur.


Every year, volunteers from all across the world travel to Palampur for their volunteering trip. This year, if you still haven’t made your plans for the Summer Break, then give a thought to visit this Himalayan town and contribute meaningfully towards the society.

We shall look forward to host you in Palampur.

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