Volunteering India has been committed to provide meaningful volunteer and internship opportunities in India since 2004, while placing over 2500 volunteers in India. We have been working with the local communities in India, by sending volunteers to projects which need help and support both in form of manpower and support in various other ways like, by donating books, stationary items, computers, painting, landscaping, building and construction etc. The money volunteers pay is spent on various things and while most part of the money is spent on making the trip for the volunteers possible in India, we still make it a point to help the communities and projects we work with. You can read more about how the money is spent here

Volunteers live with local families, which also supports them in various ways. Volunteering is a ‘win win’ situation for all, the people volunteering get to help the people while exploring new cultures, customs,and meeting new people and make friends for life. The community and projects benefit by getting support from the volunteers and support from Volunteering India.
Volunteering India makes sure the people and communities benefit by supporting the projects we work with across India. Some of the things we have done in the past are :-
  • Donated 3 computers to Street Children Projects in India
  • Donated 'Power Inverters' to orphanage in Delhi 
  • Donated ' Power Generator' to orphanage in Delhi 
  • Donated Books, pencils, colors, clothes and various stationary items to various projects in Delhi, Palampur, Kolkata and Bangalore in South India.
  • Regular Financial Assistance and Support to projects in Delhi, in Palampur as well as in South India.
  • Development work in various street children projects in Delhi and Palampur.
  • Upkeep and maintenance of Day Care centers and Childcare Projects in Palampur.Includes painting, donation of chairs, tables , fans etc.
  • Construction of Volleyball court at a school in Palampur
  • ?Donations by our Volunteers - Our volunteers have donated different items which can help in the smooth running and functioning of the projects such as computers, refrigerator, washing machine, coolers and water purifiers.
  • Facilitated in renovation and redesigning of community school project along with group of students from Wolfort Dalton School, Netherlands. Complete refurbishment of the community school with cementing and plastering of walls, new roofing, new toilet and cementing of the pathway. 
  • Started work of building a school - which would be free for the street children in Palampur, especially those children of tea garden laborers. The money is being raised by volunteers, families and from Volunteering India for this ambitious project. The foundation work is complete and we have spent over Rs - 3,50,000/- (approx $7777) on the construction of the school already with the support from World Challenge - UK.

Volunteering India is committed to bring a change in the projects and lives of children and society we work with. It is our continuous effort to help the community in India !