Childcare Volunteer Program Palampur

Childcare Volunteer Program

Volunteer at the Child Care Project and work with infants and toddlers. Play with them, shower them with love & make memories of a lifetime.

Disable Care Volunteering Program,  Delhi

Disable Care, Delhi

Be a part of the Disabled Care Volunteer Program in New Delhi. Volunteering India has partnered with organizations that particularly focus on...

Golden Triangle Tour & Volunteering With Elephants

Volunteering With Elephants

Be a part of the Golden Triangle Tour & Volunteering With Elephants in India and explore New Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.

Language and Orientation Week, Delhi

Language & Orientation Week

Volunteering India hosts this 1 week special Language and Orientation Program where participants are brought closer to the Indian culture through...

Medical and Healthcare Internship in Palampur - India

Medical Internship In Palampur

Know about the medical & healthcare system in semi-urban areas of India. Work with doctors while interning in Palampur to gain experience.

Medical Internship India - Delhi

Medical Internship in Delhi

Join the Medical Internship project in New Delhi and work with professionals. It'll be a great opportunity to gain international work experience.

Mini Break Program - Delhi 2018

Mini Break Program - Delhi 2018

Volunteering India offers an exciting opportunity of 2-week volunteer trip along with weekend excursions to explore India.

Orphanage Volunteer Program In India

Orphanage Volunteer Program

Be a part of the Orphanage Volunteer Project in India and experience the bliss of unconditional love.

Street Children Volunteering in India

Street Children Program In New Delhi

There are millions of street kids who have been provided shelter at the homes. Be a volunteer and shower these kids with love & care.

Volunteer For Women Empowerment in India

Women Empowerment

Contribute to Women Empowerment in India and help them to be more independent, learn to communicate in English and be confident to earn a livelihood.

Volunteer in a school for mentally challenged and disabled children

Mentally Disabled Children Program

Volunteering for Disabled Care Project will be a challenging & equally rewarding venture. Take utmost care of the inmates & make a difference.

Yoga & Volunteer Adventure In The Himalayas

Yoga & Volunteer Adventure

Yoga & volunteer program in India is highly recommended for student groups and it includes volunteer work, trekking adventure activity, yoga and...

Volunteer Teaching Program

Volunteer Teaching Program

Volunteer for the Teaching Project & introduce activity based learning methods. You can also assist the teachers, help in renovating the school.

Summer Volunteer Program 2018

Summer Volunteer Program

We offer affordable summer volunteering projects in India, having a combination of volunteer work and weekend excursions.

Dental Elective Internship Program in Palampur

Dental Elective Internship

Be a part of Dental Elective Internship project and work with professional dentists. Students joining in groups can also organize dental care camps.